Bio Stoffe aus reiner Bio-Baumwolle von Cotonea inside

Pure organic fabrics made of cotton

Organic fabrics from Cotonea stand for true ecology and sustainability. We document our European production and supply chain transparently and seamlessly for you and your customers. With organic fabrics from Cotonea inside you are always on the winning side.

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Our highlights
Bio-Plüsch aus kbA Baumwolle mit 375 g/m² Natur von Cotonea inside

Plush made of organic cotton with 375 g/m²

Plush made of 100% pure organic cotton with a 10 mm high pile. Certified according to IVN BEST and GOTS.


Broken twill made of organic cotton with 229 g/m²

Made from pure organic cotton (kbA) according to the world's most demanding standard for natural textiles, the IVN BEST.

Broken twill
Bio-Kreuzköper aus kbA Baumwolle mit 229 g/m² in Rot mit Natur von Cotonea inside
Bio-Musselin aus kbA Baumwolle mit 177 g/m² in Natur von Cotonea inside

Muslin made of organic cotton with 177 g/m²

Pre-washed muslin fabric made from 100% pure organic cotton. Manufactured according to IVN BEST and GOTS standards.


Cotonea seals & labels

  • Das Bio Siegel von Cotonea steht für Ökologie, Fairness und Qualität

    The Cotonea Organic-Seal is our commitment

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  • Cotonea Produkte mit Textil-Label IVN BEST

    IVN Best textile label - Lic. no. 151701 | cartified by Ecocert Greenlife

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  • Cotonea Bio-Textilien mit Textil Label GOTS

    GOTS textile label - Lic. no. 151701 | certified by Ecocert Greenlife

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  • Cotonea Bio-Textilien sind mit Fair For Life Fair Label gekennzeichnet

    Fair For Life Fair Trade certified (100% of production and supply chain controlled)

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18.11.22 Weiße Baumwollkapsel vor grünen Bodendeckerpflanzen

Regenerative agriculture

13.07.21 Positive CO2 Bilanz von Baumwolle

Cotton textiles have a positive carbon footprint

27.01.21 Blockchain der Textillieferketten

Cotonea advises on the development of the Textile Trust platform